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10 Perfect Holiday Gift Ideas for Early Readers

By Tzvetelina Sabkova and Estelle Bardon

Are you looking for inspiration for presents? MyLibook has compiled a list with original ideas around the theme of teaching your children how to read – all are under $60 and some are possible on the tightest budget.  

There’s perhaps no greater gift than the gift of literacy, so here at MyLibook we have selected 10 original and educational ideas that will make great gifts, especially for PreK and Kindergarten early readers — and we’ve even included some ideas that can help you get a bit of time to yourself in this busy run-up to the festive season. 

All of the items in the list have been tested and approved by children and parents.

  1. Of course, we believe that an excellent early-literacy-themed gift is the MyLibook personalized book series for early readers. The easiest way to put a smile on your children’s faces is to give them a book where they are the hero of the story. As the series has seven books your little reader will learn three-letter words and their first sight words while being entertained for weeks after the holidays. Use the Coupon Christmas2021 to get 10% off and free shipping + the associated free eBooks & free printables or use the coupon buy2get15%off to get 15% off and free shipping when you buy 2 sets + the associated free eBooks & free printable . Offer valid until the 12th of December 2021.
Cecilia reading her personalized early reader book
  1. Give your children the gift of thousands of books by subscribing at your local library. Many libraries are now operating through contactless pickups. There are also many electronic materials and educational support materials available from the comfort of your home. For example, New York Public library has videos of librarians doing storytime for kids available on demand (no subscription necessary) —which could be a great way to keep kids busy while you are taking care of holiday tasks too. (Free)
  1. Word Building Puzzles – 3-Letter Words: Word building puzzles are ever popular and for good reason. The process of putting together the puzzles helps with letter recognition, comprehension, and, as they tend to be based on simple three-letter words, phonics. We particularly like these sturdy ones from Lakeshore. ($14.99)
  1. Children love stickers and the large variety of alphabet stickers available are a great tool for them to learn the letters. One way of using these is by writing a word on a piece of paper and asking the child to find and stick on the matching letter. In this blog post there are some additional activities with stickers that can keep children focused and get you some quiet time! 
  1. Marbotic Smart Letters is a unique tool that combines new technologies and hands-on activities. Children learn vocabulary and practice the letters and their sounds with beautiful colored wooden letters with an interactive award-winning application on an Ipad. (From $59.99). 
Mathilde and Charline, practicing their letters. Source: Fly Little Dragon
  1. Flashcards are an engaging tool that can be easily adapted to every child’s interests. In this article, you can find fun games ideas with alphabet flashcards we used with our kids. We find our kids love these Disney-themed flashcards. (Free to make or from $3.49)
  1. Super Why ABC Game. In this game, you move around the board and complete tasks on the card, including finding corresponding capital letters, identifying beginning word sounds, rhyming words, and finding words to complete a sentence or reading a sight word. My daughter loves the Super Why show and was motivated to be as strong as the princess. (From $12.99). More board game ideas teaching early literacy can be found here.
  1. Magnetic books are another fun and educational activity we love. With 116 letters this book allows kids to make sentences and the compact travel case makes it easy to take anywhere. (From $14.99). My 2 daughters love using magnets. This book includes images and colored letters to motivate them to write words and letters.
  2. Write and Wipe books are a great, mess-free option to learn how to write numbers and letters and are durable, reusable and long lasting. I have been surprised to see my high-energy toddler stay focused for several minutes, perfecting his skills and going from scribble to actual writing thanks to these books. We love the Scholastic Early Learners series  (from $5.59) and the Bored Boards’ tracing educational activities (from $30).

  3. Brain Quest Workbooks and Cards. We love the cards when we travel. They tease my kids brain and avoid the usual “I am bored” coming quickly during long trips. The workbooks are simple yet engaging for my 4-year old. The Prek workbook version has multiple themes: letters, numbers, science, games + stickers at the end (From $11.95)
Zoe working on her letters while waiting

We hope this short selection will help you choose fun and educational gifts that will please your children while supporting them in their learning. 

We wish you a Merry Christmas and may the festivities bring you joy, warmth, and love.

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