The Author

My name is Estelle Bardon. I am a mother of two girls based in San Jose, California.

The beginning of my personal reading journey was a bit rough — I had dyslexia and struggled to learn how to read.

As a mom, my older daughter was recognized as a “slow learner” at the age of three so I transferred her to a Montessori school and started to collect ideas and tools to help her with home reading. 

A year later, my daughter read her first 12-page easy-to-read book before turning four and a half years old.

Mission Statement

about mylibook

MyLibook aims to engage children and bring joy to gaining the essential skill of efficient reading.

MyLibook presents:

  • MyLibook series. A personalized, fun, short, and easy-to-read book series where your child is the hero in the story.
  • A blog with phonics and sight word game ideas, tips, and homeschooling resources for parents, grandparents, and nannies to bring fun into teaching methods at home.
  • Free printables based on the MyLibook series for Early Emergent Readers.