Easter craft for kids

Celebrate Easter with Personalized and Educational Activities

Find out how to incorporate reading and writing activities into your traditional egg hunt and Easter festivities

Easter craft for kids
Easter craft – Source: Shutterstock by Evgeny Atamanenko

Easter falls on Sunday, April 17 this year, and after 2 years of COVID, we are all looking for some fun and safe ways to celebrate.

At MyLibook we have collected a few Easter-themed activities that can easily be personalized, are educational, and as always, are fun for your little readers.

Salt dough personalized Easter eggs

Salt dough is an easy and fun way to make all kinds of ornaments. The activity includes baking, writing, and painting, and will keep your children busy for a while.


  • Salt dough (you can use this recipe)
  • Egg-shaped cookie cutter
  • Acrylic paint
  • Markers
  • Glitter and glue (optional)

How to create your personalized egg ornaments:

  • Once your eggs are baked and cooled use your creativity to paint them with different color combinations.
  • Make thin lines or waves with transparent glue using a small paintbrush.
  • Pour glitter all over the egg and shake off the excess. The glitter will stick only on the glue-painted portion.
  • Write names of people you care

Handy Easter Bunny

Our friends at World of Little Dude shared with us this fun Easter-themed personalized activity.

This decorative garland combines writing and arts and crafts.


  • Paper
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • String

How to create your personalized bunnies:

  • Draw an outline of your hand. You can use your own hand several times or ask members of the family to take part.
  • Cut around the edge of the handprint.
  • Fold the middle finger over the back of the handprint.
  • Fold the pinky finger and thumb into the direction of the palm.
  • Draw on some rabbit features!
  • Fold the middle finger into a loop and tape it down to make a loop behind the bunny’s ears.
  • Do the same for the other handprints.
  • Thread string through the loops to make a garland.
  • Write names of the people in your home on the bunnies and hang it up.

Check out this easy-to-follow video of how to make a Handy Easter Bunny!

Egg hunt with sight words

Maya Payne Smart, a mom, journalist, and literacy advocate shared this fun and colorful idea that will help your children practice sight words. We love this game because it combines outdoor activity with learning, it is easy to create, and it can be adapted in many ways to your child’s level, interests, and learning needs.


  • Plastic eggs
  • A bag or basket to collect the eggs
  • Sheet of paper
  • Tape
  • Sticky notes
  • Marker

How to play:

  • Write a dozen sight words on the paper in three columns, or you can print off sight words from the MyLibook series here.
  • Tape the paper on a wall at your child’s eye level.
  • Depending on their reading level you may want to first read the words with your child, to make sure they know and understand each of the words.
  • Write the same sight words on the sticky notes and put them in plastic eggs.
  • Hide the eggs around the house or in your yard and let the egg hunt begin.
  • Make your child match every sticky note with the sight word on the paper you taped on the wall.
  • Encourage them to make up sentences using the sight word they found using their name. For instance, “I am Zoe, and they are bunnies.”

You can find more details and beautiful pictures here.

Twist the egg to practice new words

We found this idea on the blog We are Teachers. There is an extensive list of Easter-themed activities on the blog, but we particularly loved this one. It is original, fun, and will help you practice the CVC short words your child has already learned in the MyLibook series.

Materials you need:

  • Plastic eggs
  • A marker

How to play:

  • Write three letters vertically on one half of the egg for example C, H, B
  • Write a common ending on the other half for example AT
  • Close both halves. By turning the half with the vertical written letters, you can form three different words.
Twist egg activity Source: We are teachers

Take a well-deserved break and read with your child

After the egg hunt activities and the glut of candy and sweets that can come with Easter festivities, we love to enjoy some quiet time reading. Of course, the favorite in our house is the MyLibook series. MyLibook is a personalized children’s book series where your little readers experience amazing and fun adventures with their animal friends. MyLibook can be used as an early reader to practice independent reading or as a storytime book.

Since we launched MyLibook, we have received many testimonials confirming that MyLibook encourages children to read. One mom told us:

My daughter loves the books. She was so apprehensive to read before but asks to read these [MyLibook] books.”

Children love their names. When children see themselves in the MyLibook stories, they are more engaged and interested and ask to read their books again and again.

Why not let MyLibook bring the joy of reading to your children this Easter?
MyLibook personalized children’s book Set 2, Book 5 — Source: MyLibook

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