Celebrate International Women’s Day with Original and Personalized Activities

Help your children honor all the exceptional women in their lives during Women’s History Month

By Tzvetelina Sabkova.

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Happy Women Day holiday Source: Shutterstock By Cienpies Design

As a woman-owned company, at MyLibook we want to put an emphasis on the Women’s History month we celebrate in March each year. We are delighted to share a list of personalized early literacy activities that incorporate awareness and ideas on how to celebrate all women. We believe the celebration of Women’s Day and History Month should involve our children, exploring not only historical figures, activists and women who have transformed our society, but also helping children recognize and celebrate the exceptional role models in our everyday lives: mothers, sisters, caregivers, and teachers. All the activities in this blog post can be personalized for your children, are educational and entertaining for both girls and boys.

Read about women who changed their world

You can find books about these role models adapted to all ages and interests. We have selected two particular favorites.

She Persisted, a book series by Chelsea Clinton, is a way to discover exceptional women that impacted society in the US and around the world. This book is inspiring for children and adults delivering the strong message that only through persistence can we achieve our dreams. The reading age for this series is ages four to eight.

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. This book is recommended for children from five to ten. It is a wonderful read-a-loud or first story book for more confident readers, as the stories are just one page long. We love this book because of the diversity of the women portrayed.

Read books that empower your child

Dear Girl from Amy Krouse bears a great message of acceptance. Although the target readers are young girls, boys can discover the book and its message with their sisters or cousins.

MyLibook personalized early reader series. Personalized books allow children to be the hero of the story. Feeling represented in literature enables children to create a strong connection that makes their dreams seem more achievable.

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Amy, the hero of her book (Set 2, Book 3) — Source: MyLibook

Create a garland of female role models in your child’s life

This original idea was shared with us by World of Little Dude. Follow the steps to create your personalized garland.

Materials: paper, scissors, pencil, markers

  • Accordion fold the piece of paper.
  • On one side of the paper, draw an outline of a human shape.
  • Cut around the outline of the body. DON’T cut the edge of the paper by the arms!
  • Open up the paper.
  • Talk with your child about women role models in their immediate world.
  • Discuss female role models in history or in the present who make an impact on their life.
  • Write the name of a female role model on each human shape.
  • Color in and decorate.
  • Hang this up where it is visible, as a reminder of all the amazing women we can look toward for strength, mentorship, and inspiration.

We love this activity because it combines creativity with reading and writing, and it is personalized. It is the perfect way to raise awareness of the important role of women among both girls and boys.

Create a beautiful card for the extraordinary women in your child’s life

Help your child express their creativity with a beautiful flower card. We love this idea from the blog Princessliya. Here is what you need to craft the card:

Materials: paper, markers, scissors, colored paper, glue.

  • Fold the white paper sheet to make it the size of a card.
  • Help your child draw the stem and the center of the flower.
  • Cut 5 or 6 colored paper petals. In the center of the flower write the name of the women this card is for.
  • Write one word that describes the person (loving, strong, good friend…) on each petal.
  • Take the opportunity to introduce new vocabulary to your children and discuss how the women in their lives inspire them.
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Hadrien making the flower card for Estelle. Source: Tzvetelina Sabkova

Free coloring printables

This is a fun way for both girls and boys to discover and talk about equality and diversity.

You can find many free printables on the web, but we liked the three on the blog Moments a Day.

How do you plan to celebrate this Women’s Day?

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