How Can Personalized Books Give a Bright Start to Children’s Reading Journey

How Can Personalized Books Give a Bright Start to Children’s Reading Journey

By Tzvetelina Sabkova

Personalized activities focused on children’s interests can make their learning journey more meaningful and increase their engagement. MyLibook offers a personalized and early reader book series for children aged 4 to 6 to help them learn how to read.

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Chloe discovering her personalized MyLibook — Source: Ellie Angel

As an educator who advocates for personalized learning what is your opinion on the MyLibook easy-to-read children’s books?

When I first heard about MyLibook I was intrigued. I am passionate about personalized learning and early literacy. Being able to combine the two together creates a powerful outcome. I am always searching for educational resources that support children in their reading and learning journey.

I received the first book of the series as a gift. It was neatly packaged with a little handwritten note which was very sweet.

When we opened the book, my one-year-old daughter, Chloé, pointed to the little avatar and started to giggle.

Even though she cannot read the book, or verbally express herself, she could flip the pages and when I read it to her it was really great to see her pointing at the different characters in the book. My daughter is way too young but as a kindergarten teacher, I can see five-year-old children using the books.

To allow the author to personalize the books, I filled out a form, including my child’s name. Then I chose the avatar that looks the most like my daughter and we picked her favorite color.

There is something magical about having a child’s name in print.

This is not just a book, this is Chloé’s book.

I would say this is a great resource for children not only to learn how to read but also to feel excited and want to read.

The process of learning to read is multifaceted but the motivation factor and the engagement factor play an important role, and seeing their name in a book is very powerful for a child.

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Zoe is already starting to read her (still wrapped!) MyLibook early reader book series! — Source: Estelle Bardon

As an educator, how do you think progressive levels of complexity help children who are learning how to read?

Early childhood education psychologist Lev Vygotsky, developed a theory that breaks the knowledge space in three zones:

  • What the child can do
  • What the child can do with support (Zone of Proximal Development or ZPD)
  • What the child cannot do

The Zone of Proximal Development includes all the things a child is capable of learning with a little support. Actually this is where the educator meets the student.

MyLibook’s pace of gradually increasing complexity keeps children in their ZPD — so they are not bored because it is too easy, yet equally they are not frustrated because it is out of reach.

What I really liked about MyLibook is the progression. It is like building a house, the series starts with the basics that ensure a solid foundation and then every book adds building blocks allowing children to build a stable, steady structure.

The fact that MyLibook offers free printables is a wonderful idea that allows children to go beyond the book and expand their learning experience.

Did you find the MyLibook ordering process user friendly?

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Mylibook.com personalization form — Source: Estelle Bardon

The ordering process was straightforward. After filling out an online form I received updates about the book and its delivery date.

It may be a good idea for parents to involve older children in the process of filling out the form, entering their name, choosing the avatar and the color. This way children are engaged and participate in the process of the creation of their own book.

Give a child in your life the ultimate gift — the gift of reading.

Order your child’s personalized, easy-to-read 7-book series on Mylibook.com now. Use the coupon LAUNCH before November 15th to get 10% off!

In the meantime your children can discover the heroes of the books and have some fun with MyLibook’s free printables.

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