Personalized Valentine’s Day Activities that Reinforce Early Literacy Skills

Personalized Valentine’s Day Activities that Reinforce Early Literacy Skills

By Tzvetelina Sabkova and Estelle Bardon

The MyLibook team wishes you a happy new year! We hope you are ready to start a new year full of great learning adventures with your little readers.

As mothers of young children, we are constantly looking for fun, original and educational ideas to help children develop their reading and writing skills. With Valentine’s Day coming in a few weeks, we propose personalized and creative activities to support literacy while celebrating friends and loved ones in this blog post.

Bake heart-shaped cakes or cookies.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to treat your family with delicious sweet recipes. You can bake and decorate this chocolate cake in a heart-shaped mold or make your favorite cookie recipe and write Valentine’s Day themed personalized words using icing and edible markers.

Valentine’s day word search.

This is a straightforward and fun game to create. The difficulty can be adapted to different ages and reading levels by adding more letters and making the search harder. To create the word search, you need a letter-size sheet of paper and these sticker letters. If you don’t have stickers, you can always write the grid by hand.

Tip: First, stick on the actual words such as your child’s name, Dad, Mom, love, heart, hug with the stickers, and then add the other random letters. At the bottom, hand write the words that your child should find.

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Personalized Valentine’s Day Word search Source: Estelle Bardon

Valentine Monster Box to Feed with Sight Words, CVC Words, or Letters.

This original idea combines creativity, play, and learning.

  • Materials: an empty shoe or tissue box, different colors of paper, googly eyes, fuzzy sticks, glue, scissors, post-it notes to write the words.
  • Create the monster:
  1. Cut a slot on the shoe box’s lid.
  2. Decorate the box with colored paper, glue fuzzy sticks for the hair, and add big googly eyes.
  3. Write your child’s name, CVC, or sight words on the post-it notes. You can write just letters for younger kids.
  4. Play the game by putting all the notes in front of the monster. Say,” the monster is hungry for [the word] or [letter X Y Z].” The goal is for the player to find the word and feed the monster.
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Personalized Valentine Monster Box — Source Tzvetelina Sabkova

Personalized Beaded Bracelets.

We love this activity because it is very creative. You can adapt the style for girls, boys or make gender-neutral creations.

  1. Use the alphabet beads to write the names of friends and loved ones.
  2. Choose beads in the person’s favorite color.
  3. Thread the beads onto the cord and tie a tight knot.
  4. Cut the excess cord close to the knot.

Tip: If the bracelet is for an adult, make sure it is measured on another adult’s wrist.

Offer personalized early readers.

Would you like to get a special Valentine’s Day gift for your child’s classmates, friends, or cousins?

What about a personalized early reader book that they can color? For Valentine’s Day, MyLibook offers you the option to buy standalone copies of the first book of the first set (Set 1 book 1). If you buy 3 stand-alone books, you can get 30% off, plus free shipping using the code Valentine2022.

Read a Valentine’s Day book.

Whether your children are independent readers or they just love to spend time listening to beautiful stories, books are a great way to get into the mood of Valentine’s Day. This list, published on the We Are Teachers website, compiles 32 children’s books to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You can personalize the reading adventure by connecting letters with your child’s name or words related to your child’s interests (Isn’t this dog your favorite animal? What about this color?).

Be my Love Bug.

  • Materials: colored paper, small heart-shaped paper (you can use pre-cut sticky notes or cut your own), googly eyes, scissors, marker, glue
  • Build the Love Bugs:
  1. Ask your child to write, ‘I love you’ on the heart shapes—each heart as an individual letter.
  2. Stick them on the colored paper to make a bug.
  3. Add googly eyes, antennas, facial features, and legs.
  4. Give this to a loved one!
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Be my Love Bug — Source: worldoflittledude

How do you plan to celebrate this Valentine’s day?

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