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Themed Printables

Easter egg race

Easter Printables

In these printables, you will find
Read and color egg sight words
– Sight word egg spelling
– DIY sight word egg race
– A personalized Easter Egg for your child. Email me to get yours at info@mylibook.com.

Set 1 Printables

Set 1 Book 1 Printables: The Cat and the Rat

The free printables included here in book 1 introduce words like “Cat,” “Rat,” “I,” and “Am” through coloring, mazes, and hands-on activities. The result? Your child is encouraged to learn through play!

Set 1 Book 2 Printables: The Hat

Reinforcement leads to your child’s learning and success. The printables in Book 2 reinforce words that were learned in Book 1 and add useful words such as “Hat,” “Do,” and “Like” through additional activities.

Set 1 Book 3 Printables: The Jet

Adding words into your child’s everyday vocabulary helps to expand their reading skills and boost confidence. Book 3 includes printables that introduce words such as “Jet,” “Pet,” “No,” and “With.”

Set 1 Book 4 Printables: The Pig and the Wig

Mazes and other fun activities help your child find enjoyment in reading. Book 4 printables introduce more words such as “Pig,” “Wig,” “Have,” and “Has,” through activity.

Set 1 Book 5 Printables: The Pug and the Mug

Progressive style reading encourages your child to learn quickly and efficiently. Book 5 Printables adds new words into the mix, such as “Pug,” “Mug,” “Met,” and “From.”

Set 1 Book 6 Printables: The Dog

Providing activities such as coloring actively engage your child to participate in his or her learning. Book 6 Printables introduces words such as “Jog,” “Dog,” “Can,” “Got,” and “Let’s.”

Set 1 Book 7 Printables: The Fox

Packed with adventure and fun, your child will love this series as they navigate the story and learn new words.  Book 7 Printable introduces terms such as “Fox,” “Box,” “From,” and “Was.”

Set 1 CVC Word Memory Game

Make learning interactive with this fun memory game you can play with your little ones. Just another way MyLibook brings the joy of reading and learning to life! Download for free today.

Set 1 Sight Word Flashcards

Flashcards are effective ways to learn and don’t have to be boring. We included game ideas and tips in our set of flashcards (1 page per Set 1 book) to make sure that you and your child will have fun. 

Set 2 printables

Set 2 Book 1 Printables: The Fat Cat

Set 2 Book 1 printables introduce new words such as “fat”, “would”, and “water”. As we are learning more words, the hidden word grids and the maze are a little harder. There is also a new game to be discovered inside!

Set 2 Book 2 Printables: The Fan

Set 2 Book 2 printables introduce new words such as “fan,” “pan,” and “here.” As usual, MyLibook printables mix traditional tracing worksheets with fun games to keep your child interested in learning. 

Set 2 Book 3 Printables: The Tap

Set 2 Book 3 printables introduce CVC words such as nap, lap, and tap. Your child will have the opportunity to play with letters, short words and sight words while building alphabetic knowledge, phonological awareness, and reading confidence.

Learning to read and write with sticks

Set 2 Book 4 Printables: The Bun

Set 2 Book 4 printables introduce new words such as “bun”, “sun”, and “run” following these principles:
1. To learn how to read, we should teach our children to recognize lower case letters
‘Gesture while learning allows for better memorization’

CVC word search

Set 2 Book 5 Printables: The Pug

Book 2 Set 5 printables feature our cute unfortunate pug, present CVC words ending with “ed” like “bed”, “red” and “fed” and repeat sight words learned in previous books. 

To keep the content fresh, I added a new game to play with letter sounds at the end of the word.

Rhyming words

Set 2 Book 6 Printables: The Job

Book 2 Set 6 printables present short words ending with “ob” such as “job”, “sob”, and “mob” and provide practice games around sight words such as “don’t”, “look” and “okay” . 

I added a new game to play with rhymes to build  phonological awareness. 

Set 2 Book 7 Printables: The Dip

These printables feature CVC words ending with “ip”. We added several new games around rhymes,  and updated the tracing format. The hidden word matrices are slightly more complex as we added a column (Set 2 book 7 introduced more new words than the previous books). 

Set 2 Word Games Printables

These printables reinforce the learning of the words learned in Set 2. 
Games include rhyming games, letter sounds recognition, sight word hidden word tables and sight word, coloring, reading, and writing practices.  

Set 1 and Set 2 Phonics Flip Charts

From the Mom Advantage, adapted to MyLibook early readers:
“Ask your little one to flip the letters to a word of choice. Ask them to sound out the word. Then ask them to flip just one letter and read the new word. Repeat, repeat, repeat!” 

"These worksheets complement the books perfectly! Kaylee has never gotten bored and she is learning a lot very quickly."

Melissa Bee, mum, poet and writer,

From her article "Our Love for MyLibooks - How these books have helped my child learn to read"

Easter Sight Word Games

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Set 2 Book 5's Printables

Set 2 Book 6's Printables

Set 2 Book 7's Printables

Set 2 Word Games

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