A joyful way to fall in love with reading. MyLibook.

MyLibook is the first personalized, fun, early reader book series filled with amazing stories.

(Perfect for children aged 4-6)

M. Cerioli
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My daughter really loves her first MyLibook and enjoyed the personalization. I definitely would recommend it for preschoolers, it's such a great way to interest children in reading and give them the confidence that they can do it!
Z. Ownes
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I absolutely LOVE MyLibook!! The books delighted my kids with the personalized text and designs and encouraged them to read!! I'm a huge fan.
G. Garcia
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Absolutely love these personalized books for my granddaughter, she looks forward to reading seeing her name and avatar and the sight words!! Will definitely be ordering for my 2 grandsons soon!!
T. Sanders
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If you have a beginning or younger reader, or even a child struggling to learn to read....these are wonderful!!

Early Emergent Reader - Set 1


*These avatars can only be made with black hair.

Learning to read should be fun, and our personalized 7-book series ­for beginners and improvers – are just that. 


  • Your child becomes the hero of their own story.
  • Makes learning how to read unique, fun, and adventurous.
  • Keeps your child engaged and interested.
  • Helps build confidence in your child.


  • Uses small sets of single-syllable, short vowel words and early reader sight words to teach children how to read independently.
  • The series helps children to blend letters and develop their reading skills.
  • The series is designed in a progressive style, advancing learning as you move through the series’s 7 books.


  • Your child can be rewarded for completing the series by coloring the books!
  • FREE  PDF – Kids printable activities sent by email are included with each purchase to expand your child’s learning experience!


  • 7.5 x 7.5 Inches (approx 19 cm x 19cm)
  • Perfect for small hands!

As a small, woman-owned business, we aim to empower your children with MyLibook’s Emerging Reader book series.