Top Holiday Craft Ideas to Help Develop Literacy

Top Holiday Craft Ideas to Help Develop Literacy

By Tzvetelina Sabkova and Estelle Bardon

As the weather is getting cold and rainy, at MyLibook, we have been thinking about fun and educational ways to enjoy the seasonal festivities at home. What better way than to use your creativity and offer some original activities to your little ones?

The list of ideas we have compiled is perfect for children aged 3 to 6 but can be adapted to every child’s individual capacity and interests.

  • Make cookies with icing letters. This one is for the cookie lovers and the little bakers. Make your favorite cookies or follow this delicious recipe. Once your cookies are ready and cooled down, you can use this bottled icing to write the first letter of your family members’ names. You can also write words, but I would recommend covering the top of the cookie with icing and using edible markers for more precision. You can also cut a small hole in the corner of a freezer bag to create a home-made piping bag if you prefer.
  • Create a personalized Christmas tree. We like this activity because it engages children with a variety of activities:
  1. Cut triangles from green paper or card
  2. Write a letter of the child’s name on each triangle.
  3. Put the triangles in the right order starting from the top.
  4. Glue them onto a piece of paper or card.
  5. Decorate the trees with stickers or little paper ornaments
Personalized Christmas trees – Source: MyLibook
  • Complete these Holiday free printables from Fly Little Dragon. Your child will love the entertaining activities. It is the perfect way to engage children with winter-themed educational activities.
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Amy reading the Christmas joke from Fly Little Dragon — Source: MyLibook
  • Create salt dough ornaments. Here is a recipe you can use. You have already all the ingredients at home (water, flour, salt)! Once the ornament is painted and dry, have your children write their name and the year they made it on the back. It makes them practice their painting, writing and numbering skills while making nice souvenir that will last for years.

Zoe placing her hand made ornaments in her Christmas tree – Source: MyLibook

Debra Mersnick, passionate about education, also shared a few creative ideas with MyLibook for the holiday season. Here are our favorite activities:

  • A fun game for the whole family. An adult writes CELEBRATION vertically and then asks kids to think of something related to each letter or sound holidays. If you see that your child is going off the topic, you can have adults and other siblings participate and model how to play the game.
  • Decorate a snowman with words that describe snow. We love this sensory activity because it can be adapted to children of different ages. The younger ones can focus on the simple snow features like cold, frozen, white while the older ones can get more creative (temporary, fun, winter). For this activity, you need to either cut out the shape of a snowman or draw one. Then write the words directly on the snowman or cut out colorful pieces of paper and glue them.
  • Green things, or any other color of the holidays. You can play this game by using a whiteboard or a piece of paper where you write GREEN and ask your children to add the name of green objects, using a green pen. If several children are playing, you can time them and create a little competition.

We hope that these simple arts and crafts ideas will give you a little inspiration for the holiday season. Many of us will not be traveling and visiting family, but there are no restrictions for the imagination!

What fun memories do you plan to create with your children during this holiday season?

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